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Musli Power Xtra is formulated from safed musli, widely known as Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac.



Solves the erectile problems
Increases the volume of   ejaculation
Faster recovery for second   orgasm
Improves the semen quality.
Controls the premature   ejaculation
Improves the general wellbeing   and vitality
Prolong your performance
Increases frequency of orgasm
Equally good for male and   female
Increases sperm count   substantially
Suggested to use only for 45   days (dosage: 2 capsules per   day)
Starts to work in 3 to 4 days.

Years long action with the same intensity

Increases stamina
Increases libido
Increases sexual confidence
100% herbal formula
No side effects
High potency extracts used
Extracts are taken from   naturalherbs as well as herbs   cultivated using
  bio- organic methods
Bio- degradable containers are   used for packing
No Name of the Product on   Courier Cover


Musli Power Xtra, complete solution for the sexual problems. Musli Power Xtra will give you X-TRA POWER, EXTRA TIME, AND X-TRA PLEASURE and will show you the healthy way to heavenly moments. Musli Power Xtra is product from Kunnath Pharmaceuticals.

Musli Power xtra is formulated from safed musli, widely known as Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac.

This is an unique formulation of ingredients consisting of the highest quality extracts from worlds best exotic herbs.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of high quality, result giving ayurvedic medicines and food supplements.The founder of the company Mr. K.C.Abraham is well known in the ayurvedic world as a supplier of herbs and medicinal plants to the companies in India and abroad.

The R&D of the company is doing research in special areas where the real potential of ayurveda is yet to be explored. A team of doctors and scientists are continuously working to achieve the best out of ayurveda. The treasure of ayurveda is invaluable. We are trying to discover the most of them to make mankind healthy and happy.


This is a unique formulation of ingredients consists of the highest quality extracts from worlds most exotic herbs. This is one of a kind, potent and extraordinarily effective natural sex enhancer helps to increase libido and sexual desire and works as a powerful male and female sex stimulant. This ignites the passion and romance in ones life and helps to achieve new levels of erotic intimacy and emotional closeness in the relationships..

"MUSLI POWER XTRA" makes the first night the best night. In the first night if your aim is to rekindle the passion with a long-time lover, performance failure can jeopardize your relationship even further, no matter how understanding she might be. We recognize the importance of sex in life. It is the most important fabric in human relationships. MUSLI POWER XTRA makes the husband and wife a real lover.


1. Erectile Dysfunction : This may happen due to psychological reasons as well     as health problems.
2. Premature Ejaculation: If a man ejaculates before a woman reaches orgasm     in 50% or more of their sexual encounters, he is positive to P/E.
3. Acquired inhibited sexual desire: The usual reason for male inhibited sexual   desire is frustration and embarrassment over a sexual dysfunction,     especially erectile problems.
4. Fatigue : lack of energy, inability to maintain the erection throughout the     sexual act, stamina problems, failure in satisfying the women etc are the     other major reasons found in men