100 % Vegetarian and Herbal

features of muslipower xtra
  • Solves the erectile problems
  • Increases the volume of ejaculation
  • Faster recovery for second orgasm
  • Improves the semen quality.
  • Controls the premature ejaculation
  • Improves the general wellbeing and vitality
  • Prolong your performance
  • Increases frequency of orgasm
  • Equally good for male and female
  • Increases sperm count substantially
  • Suggested to use minimum for 45 days (dosage: 2 capsules per day)*
  • Starts to work in 3 to 4 days.
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Musli Power xtra is formulated from safed musli, widely known as Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac.


I have been taking this musli power for the last one month and I have found this medicine very effective and helpful. I have complete faith in Musli power extra that it will provide me much better health soon in the coming days. Thank you!
- Mr. Manoj Pandey, Ahmedabad

I was suffering from Premature Ejaculation and Stamina Problems. I used Musli Power for a period of 90 days without break. After that I got tremendous improvement. The result showed me very much surprisingly. What a wonderful experience I have with the Safed Musli! I can’t thank enough to Dr. K C Abraham and entire staff of Kunnath Pharma. God bless to the entire staff.
- Mr. George Micheal, Delhi

I have been using Musli Power regularly since last 8 years .I am 53years old now, and I can keep my sexual energy flowing and functioning. I use Musli Power mostly for enhanced Sexual Power which keeps me active for the next day also to start with as I feel more lighter and enthusiastic to do my daily job and other activities. I can tell the difference very clearly if I don't use it. Musli gives me stronger erections, and more interest in my own sexuality and also increased Sperm Quality and Quantity. Another thing that I really appreciate about Musli is that it has no negative side effects.
- Mr. S K Singh. Hyderabad

Allopathic medicine was not at all helpful for my Sexual Weakness, I came from Russia to find cure for it through Musli power ayurvedic medicine treatment. And thanks to you and your medicine because after taking musli power for 180 days, all my sexual problems solved. It got completely cured after continuing the medicine for 180 days. Along with that, I also got control my diabetic problems...
- Mr.Gladvin, Russia

I have been suffering from Premature Ejaculation problem. Musli power extra is miraculous as it has given me great relief. I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to take Musli power ayurvedic herbal medicine. ...
- Mr. Rajiv Shukla, Delhi

I am suffering from Erectile problem and I am taking Musli power ayurvedic medicine from Kunnath Pharmaceuticals. I am happy to say that my problem got cured 80% after taking 180 days course. ...
- Mr.Manoj , Bangalore

I took musli power xtra for my low sperm count. After taking musli power for 6 months, my problem got cured completely. With this current good result, I look forward for better future. Thank you Musli power and kunnath pharmaceuticals! ...
- Mr.Jain Arora ,Pune

I would like to share that I had serious health problems like Sexual Weakness for the past two years. I had consulted Allopathic doctor for six months. But No resul for my problem. So, I consulted Dr. Johnson and started taking Musli power on 2nd April 2016 and continued until 24th November 2016. The Musli power extra was so effective and beneficial for my health problem that I am fully cured now. I am very much grateful to Musli power extra. ...
- Mr.Vignesh Sai ,Maharashtra

It’s been almost one year and two months since I got married. But because of my low sperm count, we were not able to conceive. I took Allopathic medicine for six months; but there was no result. When we almost gave up our hope, one of my friends’ friends suggested me to visit this Kunnath pharma clinic, Heard that someone was able to conceive by taking Musli power medicine. So, I came here and consulted Dr. Johnson. He gave me six month course medicine to increase my sperm counts. The treatment really worked as we conceived and became parents. At the beginning I could not believe that baby was conceived. So, to confirm the fact that my wife really conceived, we did all pathological tests. The results were all positive. I thank the Kunnath pharma and musli power to establish this type of very effective clinic and providing treatment at very minimum cost. Thank you once again! ...
- Mr.Moideen Haji ,Kerala

For several years, I have been suffering from Diabetes with blood glucose level of 250. The Allopathic medicine didn’t help me. So, after much frustration, I consulted Dr. Indira of Kunnath Pharma and took Dia Rid for Sugar. After taking 45 days medicines, reduced the blood glucose level to 116. I now feel better and very relieved. ...
- Mrs.Renu Joshy, UK

I was suffering from problem in my ovaries due to which I was not able to conceive baby after my marriage. I had taken lots of Allopathic medicines. I had to visit doctors all the times. Each time, doctors diagnosed and pronounced my illness as serious disorder and thus kept on giving me lots of medicines. Then, finally my husband suggested me to try Musli power eve. I consulted Dr. Indira at Kochi and she said that I didn’t have any such serious problem. I just took 3 month’s musli power eve medicine and I became pregnant. At the same time, I also got my Ultrasound report indicating that everything is fine with my ovaries. Now I have one year old son. Thanks to Dr. Indira and Kunnath pharma medicine for blessing me. ...
- Mrs.Irene Baby, Delhi

Musli Power has been a miracle drug for me. 66 years old, new relationship, took Musli Power Xtra, resulted in extremely hard erection within an hour & after stimulation...effects could be felt 12-16 hours later...usually last for me through the next morning...
- Mr.X. California

I found it very effective. I maintained an extremely firm erection within the 4 hour period. thanks Kunnath Pharmaceutcals and Musli Power Xtra..
- Alex Rocha, Rumenia

I've been using Musli Power for several years, and have never noticed any significant side effects! I'm now 66yrs old, and am finding that I need to "get the job done!" I can't complain! Thanks Musli power extra!
- Ravisankar, Delhi

Well. What can I say - Musli Power has been great. Works for about 6-7 hours . Been using it for 6 months now and I haven't noticed any decreases in effectiveness/strength. I am only 49 years old though.
- subramaniaswamy, Chennai

"I have used Musli Power for because I needed to reboot my sex life, had too much stress and fatigue every day! Since being on Musli Power xtra my partner and I are really happy with my erections most importantly and my ability to last longer and prevent early ejaculation. It makes sex much more fun! I recommend this product to all men!"
- Brian Douglas, France

"Before using Musli Power I could not maintain an erection but when I took Musli Power it really helped me. Many more men should try this option, it's worth every penny. The quality of my erections has become incredibly better and I stay erect longer than ever. I sincerely recommend Musli Power Extra!"
- Abdul Aziz, Uttar Pradesh

I have been using Musli Power regularly for a couple of years now. I am 59 years old now, and I appreciate having some herbal help so I can keep my sexual energy flowing and functioning. I use Musli Power on most days as my way of doing this.I am certain that these herbs make a big difference in helping me keep my sexuality alive. I can tell the difference very clearly if I don't use it. Musli gives me stronger erections, and more interest in my own sexuality, as well as my wife's.Another thing that I really appreciate about Musli is that it has no negative side effects. It does not result in insomnia, or a draggy hungover feeling after it wears off. The herbs are connected with Ayurveda, the spiritual medical practices of India. So Musli supports my psychological, physical, sexual, and spiritual health unlike any Western medicine that I have tried. Those medicines exact some kind of painful price from me, and these do the opposite: they help me feel more vibrant and alive.I recommend Musli power extra highly. I feel very grateful to Jose Mathew and to (Kunnath Pharmaceuticals) for their friendly and efficient service to help me stay stocked up with Musli Power.
- Glen Douglas Pierry, USA

"Your Musli Power X-tra is a tremendously effective medicine to increase the sperm count"
- An Executive from Deo Sports, Pune.

"Your medicine 'Musli Power Extra' is really very useful. We started to enjoy our married life fully"
- A.K. Meera Sahib, Regional Manager, JeevanTV.

"I got your medicine through a friend of mine in Kochi. I should say, it is a wonderful drug and the result is tremendous". All the best for Musli Power Extra
- Krishna Prasad, Aurora, Mumbai.

"My husband and myself are having a great time. Thanks to Musli Power X-tra".
- Treesa John, Coimbatore.

"We want to spread this Musli Power Xtra in Sweden in a bigger scale".
- Ladi Svelch, Sweden.

"Musli Power Extra is a very positive and powerful drug for me and my husband. We are really very energetic. We are recommending it to some of our close friends who are having the same type of problems".
- From Doha.

" We are very thankful to Musli Power Extra", your medicine gave a new life for us, Best wishes for Musli Power Extra.
- A couple from Pune

"Thank you for promptly senting me your product " Musli Power Xtra". I am happy to inform you that after using your product regularly as directed by the doctor, I am feeling general improvement of my health and I feel more energetic and active in all respects. I take this opportunity to thank you once again for producing such a useful and harmless product.
- K.P.P Menon, Bangalore

"I wish to express my sincere depth of gratitude to your company and your medicine Musli Power Extra. My wife had a sexual weakness and was under treatment in palai. More or less, the result was quite unpleasant. When, we both went to my sisters place in Dubai, UAE, we saw your pamphlet, stuck to business standard. Since I am a regular reader of business standard, I attached the same faith and beleive to the advertisement also. We took a descision that we will consume this medicine come what may. My wife was very co-operative, and both of us took Musli Power Xtra, which, we purchased from a medical shop at Ernakulam, Cochin. The price was little bit high, but we got the result. Though I have seen your advertisement in TV, I was bit reluctant to use it. I am basically an invester in shares. I go by the the advisers given in business standard, for share investment. So I contacted at Cochin office to know the genuinity of your medicine. They said, we can use it without any hesitation. That became a new turning point in our life. Both my wife sherly and I thankful to Kunnath..
Joshy Luke, Dubai, U A E.

"Trusts this letter of mine will find you in the best of health and high spirits. I am Deepak Sachdev from Delhi. Before I started your medicine the sperm count report was 35 million and after taking your medicine the sperm count increased to 91 millions. But as per my discussion with the pathologist, he told me that the grade 4 had only 20% which was less and wrote a remark "Mild Asthenozoospermia". Me and my wife plan to have a child but are not successful before taking your medicine "Musli Power Extra". My wife's report are all normal. She had done hormone test, prolactin test. We both are having a good health. I have completed a course of your medicine of 45 days with which my sperm count has increased. My wife has complted a couse of 15 days only. As per your advise we have ordered for two pack of 60 capsules. The day we received musli power xtra, we re-started the course and completed. I dont have words to say, your Musli Power Extra is a tremendously effective medicine to increase the sperm count. May god bless you all behind this medicine.
-Deepak Sachdev,Delhi.

"This is a message from past president of Rotary Club of Cochin. From the day you introuced Musli Power Extra in our club I used to consume daily one capsule after breakfast and second in the night after food. After taking this capsule for one month regularly I checked up my blood to know whether this medicine have any side effect, particularly to kidney and liver. Actually I have some diabetic problem for more than 5 years my sugar level was 135 to 165 in fasting which is not normal. I used to take some ayurvedic powder. After consuming Musli Power Xtra I havent used that powder and the blood sugar is in control. For more than 5 years I could enjoy my family once in 5 to 6 days and after taking this capsule for more than 5 months continuously I enjoying my life like a 25 year old youth (I am 50 now). So I am very thankful to you for introducing such a miracle medicine wich will be very useful to the society. May God help you in future Thanks,
-P.Venugopalan Menon, Cochin, Kerala.

"I wish to express my thanks to you and Musli Power Extra. Your medicine Xtra Power Musli is really effective.The price of this product is very reasonable. Myself and my husband are really indebted to you.
- Rakhi Vaidya, Mumbai.

"As per your review, we started 45 days course of musli power xtra on June 3rd. It has a positive and powerful impact on my husband. He has an attitudinal change and also become more energetic. Some of my friends, whose families, having more or less the same kind of problem, are advised to use this powerful and effective medicine.
- Ambujam, Staff Nurse, Doha.

"My name is Manoharan, I am writting this from USA. when I was in kerala in february 2006 I bought your product and used it I felt very good and pleased with the pills. Now I need to order some more in my home in Michigan, USA. Thanks for Musli Power.
- Manoharan Unni, USA.

"I got your medicine through Online. I should say that it is really wonderful and the result is tremendous. I will certainly convey this to my friends in Worli, Mumbai.
- K P Aurora, Mumbai.

"During my visits to India I discovered your beautiful product, "Musli Power Xtra". It enriched our life.
- Inolve Slovich, Slovakia.

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